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How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – Step by Step Process

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – Step by Step Process

1. Think before you start composing

Whenever you spend before all else pondering what to write in your blog entry, it's time that you will spare later How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – My Step by Step Process

Composing streamlined blog entries for both web crawlers and clients, is an ability. Also, similar to some other expertise, it very well may be improved by training.

In spite of what numerous individuals believe, it is anything but a troublesome procedure. There are some straightforward strides to pursue to guarantee that all that you distribute on your site or blog is SEO cordial.

Things like the title of the post, the blog structure, the organizing, headings and sections, are anything but difficult to fix but assume a significant job in rankings.

What you will peruse in this post, is the 10 Step Process I pursue to SEO enhance all my blog entries.

Before diving into the subtleties, it is important to explain two things, that many individuals find befuddling.

Initial, a SEO neighborly blog entry is likewise an easy to understand blog entry. Numerous individuals accept that if a blog entry is enhanced for web indexes, it is some way or another less agreeable for the clients. This isn't valid.

The genuine importance of SEO is to distribute content that both web crawlers and clients can get it.

In the event that both of these conditions are not met, at that point you have constrained odds of accomplishing high rankings and your perusers are bound to 'overlook' your post.

In the event that then again, you figure out how to meet the two criteria, at that point your blog entries will rank higher in the SERPS, clients will invest more energy perusing and drawing in with your substance (including remarks, sharing to web based life or changing over).

Second, a post that is SEO improved does not really have incredible substance. This many sound like a negating explanation yet it's most certainly not. Allow me to clarify.

The nature of the substance is one of the most significant variables when assessing a blog entry yet it's not alone.

A very much advanced blog entry with extraordinary quality substance has more odds of positioning higher in inquiry while an all around improved blog entry with not very great substance, has restricted odds of accomplishing high Google tankings.

As such, you shouldn't expect a blog entry to rank high since you pursued the means to make it SEO cordial.

It's the mix of good substance and great SEO (counting Off Page SEO), that will push a blog entry in the principal pages of Google.

10 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Thus, since you have a superior comprehension of what is an enhanced blog entry and what isn't, how about we perceive how to guarantee (before you hit the distribute catch), that your blog will be SEO cordial.


This is my main event:

Once a day, I read various articles identified with SEO and Digital advertising from different web journals.

When I discover a title or subject that is fascinating and a contender for one of my websites, I duplicate the URL and title to my notes.

Toward the start of every month I make my distributing plan. Among different sources, I additionally investigate my notes and survey every spared article.

After I choose which points to cover, I set a distributing date for every subject in a Google schedule.

At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to really compose the post, I take the theme and do an increasingly itemized investigation (counting catchphrase inquire about) to address these inquiries:

        What explicit themes to cover in the blog entry?

        What is the objective of the post (to show signs of improvement rankings for a catchphrase, to get more endorsers, to advance my SEO digital book, and so on.)

        How will the new post advantage my perusers?

Responding to these inquiries ahead of time, makes it simpler to proceed onward to the following stages.

2. Make the structure of the blog entry

The subsequent stage is to record the structure of your blog entry. By structure we intend to characterize the various pieces of the post.

Parting a blog entry into different parts, can make composing simpler. It's quicker and progressively proficient to compose 200 words to cover a particular piece of the post, as opposed to attempting to compose bigger segments.

Indication: This is especially valuable when you don't have opportunity to complete the post in one sitting. When you have the structure prepared, you can take a shot at the various parts freely of one another without requiring a great deal of time to re-produce your concentration and compose your musings. As a rule, a blog entry ought to have a presentation, fundamental part and end (like composition an exposition).

The principle segment, would then be able to be separated into various parts. Take a gander at the structure of this post again and look all over the page to see the final product.

Notice how I isolated the primary segment of the post (10 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Post) into various parts.

3. Specialty the title and URL

The following stage is to choose about the title of your blog entry and the URL.

I realize that a few bloggers want to do this progression first and after that make the blog structure, however I found that it's simpler to concoct the title once you have a smart thought of what the post will cover.

On the off chance that you feel that you have to take a shot at the title first and afterward the blog structure, at that point by all methods pursue what is progressively proficient for your case.

Composing a decent and intriguing title, is a significant advance for SEO purposes and ease of use.

An improved title is significant for SEO in light of the fact that it gives Search Engines a major clue on what the page is about.

A decent title ought to have the accompanying qualities:

        Has a character length between 55-60 so it is appeared without breaks in the SERPS.

        It incorporates your objective catchphrase (yet not watchword stuffed)

        It precisely portrays the substance of the blog entry

        It is intriguing to make clients click your entrance when shown in the web indexes results pages.

Take for instance the title of this post "How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – My Step by Step Process".

My objective watchword was "Website design enhancement inviting blog entries" and rather than simply making a title with that catchphrase alone, I included the 'How to' and the 'My bit by bit process", to make it obvious to both web indexes and clients of what's in store in the substance.

With regards to the URL, the guidelines are basic:

        Use "- " to isolate the universes that make up a URL. On the off chance that this isn't the situation for your blog and you are on WordPress, you have to change your permalink structure.

        Consider making your URLS shorter by evacuating pointless words – Usually what happens is that the URL is auto produced by your CMS dependent on the title. What you can do (before distributing a blog entry the first run through) is to physically change the permalink (URL) and evacuate a portion of the words.

For instance, the default URL for this blog entry was/how-to-compose SEO-accommodating blog-entries – my-bit by bit process/yet I have upgraded it by transforming it to/web optimization well disposed blog-entries/.

There are a few examinations to affirm this yet as noted commonly by Google, your url position alone is certifiably not a major positioning variable.

Significant: If you need to change your URL after a post is distributed, you have to add 301 sidetracks to protect your rankings.

4. Use headings effectively

A very much advanced blog entry, pursues these principles with regards to headings:

There is only one h1 tag on the page – This is generally equivalent to the <title> of the post, despite the fact that it doesn't need to be the equivalent.

What is significant is to have only one h1 tag and that making a beeline for incorporate your objective watchwords.

Use headings in a various leveled mode: The title of the post is the h1 tag and after that the principle areas ought to have a h2 and the subsections a h3. In this way, the request for the labels ought to be H1->H2->H3.

When you make a decent blog structure, at that point it's anything but difficult to get the headings right. Investigate the screen capture beneath which shows how I utilized headings for this blog entry.

The reason that you ought to have your substance sorted out in this auxiliary way is basic: It helps web index creepy crawlies during the slithering procedure and makes the blog entry simpler to peruse (and filter) for clients.

5. Keep your sections short

Don't simply through huge sections on a page and hit the distribute the catch.

There is a decent plausibility that most of your perusers are on versatile so make it simple for them to peruse the substance.

Utilize little passages (2-3 sentences in length) and exploit the different designing choices for example intense, italic, underline to make the content less exhausting.

6. Include joins when it bodes well

At whatever point you compose another piece, attempt to 'partner it' with officially distributed blog entries on your blog, by including inward connects.

Interior connecting is a powerful and simple to pursue SEO strategy that has various advantages:

        It helps web indexes find new pages on your site – when creeping a page, internet searcher creepy crawlies will pursue any connection (that doesn't have the nofollow quality), and add it to their list (in the event that it doesn't exist).

        It's another method to give web indexes a major clue on what a page is about – for instance, when I include a connection like this: SEO Tutorial , I'm telling the crawler what the connecting page has to do with SEO instructional exercises.

        It's an extraordinary method to give clients a choice to click a connection and read progressively about a point.

        It's one of the procedures you can use to decrease the bob rate and keep clients on your site for additional time.

Investigate this post and notice how I added connections to different posts.

Try not to be reluctant to utilize watchwords in the grapple content, there is no punishment from doing as such.

7. Do utilize watchwords (yet not catchphrase stuffing)

Having your objective watchwords (and varieties) in your blog entries won't push you into difficulty, in certainty it is prescribed to do as such.

As I referenced in the start of this post, what isn't prescribed is catchphrase stuffing.

As such, don't include catchphrases in the content for doing as such however do it just when it's normal to peruse.

Where would it be a good idea for you to include watchwords? I get this inquiry a great deal and the appropriate response is straightforward:

        In the title of the post

        In the principle headings of your post

        Within the substance of the post

        In the conclusion

Here is an indication for you:- To dodge catchphrase stuffing and rehashing a similar watchword again and again, go to the Google catchphrase apparatus or SEMRUSH and quest for your primary catchphrase. 

8. Upgrade the length of your blog entry 

Studies have demonstrated that more drawn out posts perform better in pursuit and they will in general get more likes and notices in web based life. 

While this is valid, it doesn't imply that shorter posts won't rank well. What is increasingly significant is the nature of the substance and not the amount. 

You ought to comprehend that when composing a blog entry for a specific theme, you are fundamentally rivaling many different posts that are as of now distributed about a similar point. 

You will likely make your blog entries better with the goal that when advanced accurately, will pull in the consideration of clients and potentially characteristic connections, so that in the end they can outrank the current posts. 

At the point when Google is assessing the positioning of a page, it doesn't consider the quantity of words, however the quantity of connections indicating that page. 

Advancing a top to bottom post that spreads the two sides of a story, with pleasant pictures, references to ponders and valuable data is considerably more prone to get connections contrasted with a post that is short and not all that intriguing. 

The most ideal approach to discover to what extent to make your blog entries, is to open Google, scan for your objective catchphrases and look at the outcomes. 

Open each of the ten sections that show up in the main page and observe the quantity of words and kind of substance they give. 

Mean to distribute a piece that is better in all angles (word length, arranging, nature of data). 

Hit the distribute catch and afterward utilize all accessible white cap strategies to direct people to your blog. 

Try not to hope to get results quickly, it sets aside effort to rank in Google so don't simply stay there trusting that a supernatural occurrence will occur however start chipping away at your next blog. 

9. Upgrade your meta depiction 

In point 3 above, I have discussed upgrading the Title and URL of a post; it is similarly imperative to improve your meta depiction. 

The depiction tag is a synopsis of the post in under 156 characters. Google may demonstrate your depiction in the outcomes so it must be instructive and intriguing to urge clients to click your connection and visit your blog. 

10. Upgrade your pictures and other media components 

Pictures, diagrams, infographics, recordings, insights and other media components, make a blog entry all the more fascinating to peruse and improve the nature of the substance. 

Despite the fact that Google has clarified that they can't yet comprehend the setting of a picture or video (while slithering a page), yet numerous website admins neglect to pursue the standards of making their pictures SEO advanced. 

Reward Tip: Keep your substance modern 

Many individuals are asking in different discussions "How frequently you upade my blog? also, "Is content freshness a positioning component?", and I can comprehend the reason. 

Someone should revealed to you that you don't need to refresh your blog normally, that would make things significantly simpler for us all however tragically that is not case. 

You need new content on your blog for various reasons. 

It will expand the quantity of pages you have in the Google record. This makes your site and area more grounded. 

It's another impetus for clients to return to your blog. 

It's an extraordinary 'pardon' to connect with your endorsers. 

It's one of the approaches to remain in sync or sidestep your rivals. 

It will enable you to improve your composition aptitudes 

It can produce more perspectives and increment your Adsense income. 


The remove exercise from this blog entry is the accompanying: 

Prior to beginning another post, invest some energy doing your examination and have clear in your mind what to expound on and what you need to accomplish. 

Pursue the rules disclosed above to compose SEO agreeable blog entries and in the event that you have existing blog entries that are not upgraded, assign some an opportunity to return and make the fundamental changes. 

Think of a distributing plan that you can pursue and adhere to it for quite a while. 

On the off chance that you are adapting now how to do SEO ,don't lose your expectation, brings about the principal months may not be so great yet continue distributing top notch streamlined substance and the traffic will in the long run stream in.


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