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Anant Chaturdashi

Anant Chaturdashi

Anant Chaturdashi
Anant Chaturdashi

Sushila and Kaundinya 

There was a Brahmin named Sumant. With his significant other Diksha, he had a girl named Sushila. After the passing of Diksha, Sumant wedded Karkash, who gave a great deal of issue to Sushila.

Sushila wedded Kaundinya, and they chose to go out to maintain a strategic distance from the badgering of the stepmother. In transit, they halted almost a stream. Kaundinya went to clean up. Sushila joined a gathering of ladies who were revering. They disclosed to Sushila that they were revering "Anant". "What sort of love is this?" Sushila inquired.

Anant's vow 

They disclosed to her that it was Anant's vow. They clarified its significance and custom. Some singed "gharga" (made of flour) and "anarase" (exceptional sustenance) are readied. Half of them must be given to the Brahmins. A cobra made of "darbha" (consecrated grass) is placed in a bamboo bushel. At that point the snake ("shesh") is venerated with scented blossoms, oil light, and incense sticks. Nourishment is offered to the snake. A silk string is kept before the God and attached to the wrist. This string is called "anant." It has 14 bunches and is shaded with "kumkum." Women tie the "anant" on their left hand and men to their right side. The motivation behind this vow is to acquire heavenliness and riches. It is kept for a long time.

Subsequent to tuning in to this clarification Sushila chose to take the Anant vow. From that day she and Kaundinya started to succeed and turned out to be extremely rich. One day Kaundinya saw the Anant string on Sushila's left hand. When he heard the account of the Anant vow, he was disappointed and kept up that they had turned out to be rich, not in view of any influence of Anant, but since of the shrewdness he had obtained all by himself. A warmed contention pursued. Toward the end Kaundinya took the Anant string from Sushila's hand and tossed it into the flame.

After this all sorts of catastrophes occurred in their life, and they were decreased to extraordinary neediness. Kaundinya comprehended that it was discipline for having shamed "Anant" and concluded that he would experience thorough repentance until God appeared to him.

Looking for Anant 

Kaundinya went into the woodland. There he saw a tree brimming with mangoes, however nobody was eating them. The whole tree was assaulted by worms. He inquired as to whether he had seen Anant however got a negative answer. At that point Kaundinya saw a dairy animals with her calf, at that point a bull remaining on a field of grass without eating it. At that point he saw two major lakes joined to one another with their waters blending with one another. Further, he saw a jackass and an elephant. To each one, Kaundinya got some information about Anant, yet nobody had heard this name. He wound up frantic and arranged a rope to hang himself.

At that point all of a sudden an old, revered Brahmin showed up before him. He expelled the rope from Kaundinya's neck and drove him into a cavern. From the start, it was dim. In any case, at that point a splendid light showed up and they arrived at a major royal residence. An extraordinary get together of people had assembled. The old Brahmin went straight towards the throne.

Kaundinya could never again observe the Brahmin yet just Vishnu. Kaundinya understood that Vishnu himself had come to spare him and that Vishnu was Anant, the Eternal One. He admitted his wrongdoing in neglecting to perceive the Eternal in the string on Sushila's hand. Anant guaranteed Kaundinya that on the off chance that he made the 14-year vow, he would be free from all his wrongdoings and would acquire riches, kids, and joy. Anant uncovered the importance of what Kaundinya had seen during the inquiry. Anant clarified that the mango tree was a Brahmin, who in a past life had procured a lot of learning, yet had not conveyed it to anyone.

The dairy animals was the earth, which toward the start had eaten all the seeds of plants. The bull was religion itself. Presently he was remaining on a field of green grass. The two lakes were sisters who cherished each other without question, however all their donations were spent on one another as it were. The jackass was cold-bloodedness and outrage. Finally, the elephant was Kaundinya's pride


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